The Lions Not Sheep Black Box Club.


Limited edition is an understatement.

Each Month, Your Black Boxes

Become More Rare, More Exclusive, & Even More Desired

Than The Last One… Here's Why.

Each box is one of a kind, and full of exclusive items that will never be re-created or reproduced ever again.

That means if you got Box #1, you are 1 of only 500 people who has that box and the rare Lions Not Sheep items inside it.

This is because we will never sell Box #1 ever again. We will never produce the limited content from Box #1 ever again, and you will never see the exclusive items that were in Black Box #1 unless you are one of the lucky 500 who took action and ordered it. The only way to get your hands on a Box #1 is… Well… Getting very lucky…

Soooooo, what’s in the box?

Each month, you'll receive a special Black Box containing multiple Collectors Items that will never be sold publicly or recreated. There are exclusive items in each box every month, and each time you receive a new box it will be different from last month’s.

New Month = New Exclusive Items Like…

One-Off Tee Shirts

Signed Prints of custom Art

Collectors Cards

One-Off Accessories

Plus, so much more…


You’ll also receive 1 entry to win our golden ticket giveaway every month that you’re in the black box club. The previous golden ticket prizes have been amazing, and the upcoming prizes are going to be life changing. From huge cash prizes, to dream cars, and dream vacations. We’re even thinking of including a flight to space with Elon Musk (we’re not joking)

Even with all that value…

it still wasn’t enough.

So, you’re also going to get FREE USA SHIPPING on all your future Lions Not Sheep orders while you’re a black box member.

Plus, you'll get instant access to our exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group where you can network with like-minded people, and gain insights, exchange ideas, and create lasting friendships in your new tribe.

In the Members-Only group you’ll also get access to exclusive product drops (like a UFC fighter Cowboy Cerrone signed hat), special promos, deals & discounts, and access to Facebook Live’s with Sean Whalen and other box club celebrities.


“what box will
I get?”


If you sign up by July 7th @ 11:59 PM MST, the first box you’ll receive will be Box #5.

Box #5 will feature…

Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone Collectors Card - UFC Hall of Famer

Savage Dax Art Print - See his art below

One-Off Tee Shirt

One-Off Accessories

One Entry To Our Golden Ticket Giveaway

Access To Our Members Only Facebook Group

FREE USA Shipping On All Future Orders

Box #5 Featured Collectors Card

Donald "cowboy" cerrone

Donald Anthony Cerrone, known professionally by his nickname "Cowboy", is an American mixed martial artist and former professional kickboxer. He currently fights in the Welterweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship and holds the record for the most fights, and most wins in UFC History.

Dax's Art

Box #5 Featured Artist

Savage Dax

Dax, 32, Is a Visual Story Teller/Award Winning Multidisciplinary Artist. He does Award-winning Tattoos, Oil Paintings, Murals, and NFTs.

His artwork is often sought out by entrepreneurs and professional athletes due to his unique process, hyper realistic details, and way of telling stories through Art.He’s done Art for: Tim Grover, Brad Lea, Grant & Elena Cardone, Sean Whalen, Frank Kern, Gary Vee, Russell Brunson, Kevin Nation, NFL star Eddie “Bojack” Jackson, and others.


the black box club membership?

Still got questions? We Got Answers

When Will I Get My First Box?

If you sign up for the Black Box Club Today, the first box you will receive is Box #5 that will ship by July 31st.

If you signed up prior to June 7th, you will receive box #4 that will ship by June 30th.

Black Boxes ship by the end of each month.

The cutoff date to receive the current months box is the 7th of the month.If purchased between the 1st and 8th of the month, your box will ship the FIRST FULL WEEK of THE NEXT MONTH (i.e purchased on January 5th, your box will ship in February)If purchased between the 8th and last day of the month, your box will ship the FIRST FULL WEEK of THE FOLLOWING MONTH (i.e purchased on January 10th, your box will ship the in March)

What Number Box Will Be My First Box?

If you sign up today, your first box will be Box #5. Each Box will NEVER be re-created.
The only way to get a prior box is to purchase one from a box member that received one.

Can I Buy Previous Months Boxes?

Nope! Each box is a collectors edition box meaning it will never be re-created again!

Is This A Subscription Product?

Yes, the Black Box Club is a Subscription product. There are no contracts, or obligations, and you can cancel your Black Box Club Membership at any time.

What Is The Cancellation Policy?

No-Questions-Asked Cancellation Policy: Cancel any time before the next billing cycle and that current month's box will be your final box.You may also request to skip a month through your online portal.Please be aware that once your membership is cancelled:
You will no longer receive Free Shipping future orders

You will no longer have access to the private Facebook Group

You will not be eligible to win the Golden Ticket Giveaway, even if you recevive the winning box. We reserve the rights to re-draw and award the prize to an active member

How Will I Be Charged?

Your first payment will process immediately, then again on the 1st of every month. However, if you sign up after the 9th of any given month, your payment will ship the next calendar month.

Example... If you order on April 4th, you will be charged immediately and on the first of every month until you cancel or skip, starting May 1st. If you order on April 19th, you will be charged immediately and on the first of every month until you cancel or skip, starting June 1st.

what items were featured

In Previous
Month's Boxes?





how rare is
your box?

box #1

500 Boxes Made

box #2

500 Boxes Made

box #3

1636 Boxes Made

The Lions Not Sheep Black Box Club.



the black box club membership?

Value overload!

As expected, Sean knocked it out of the park with the first box. Can’t wait for the next one!

Scott Risley

Black Box Perfection

Everything about this box is perfect! Starting with the awesome packaging. The box itself is so much more than any other monthly subscription I have ever received. The shirt perfect and the artwork absolutely amazing! Plus the sticker and patch and collectors card. So worth the $. Can’t wait for the next box!!!


Best Subscription Box Out There

Unboxing this was an awesome experience. The value from this box is easily worth the price.



This isn’t just a Box Subscription, it’s an exclusive Black Box experience. You know with LNS, it’s going to be Badass, but this takes it to a whole new level!  Art, shirt, swag…BUT….what takes it to the next level?  (Did you get a golden ticket?)  There’s only one way to find out.  Get the box!


This box is awesome! I love everything Lions Not Sheep has!

Absolutely loved opening my LNS Black Box!  Sean truly puts his all into everything he does.  The artwork by Scott is stunning and I am honored to own a piece of his work!



I love the shirt and the artwork is great. The Velcro patch was also a great item for me. The Topps card for Sean Whalen was pretty awesome. Overall a great box of unique items that I will definitely put to good use!

Justin heil

Can't wait for my next box!

Sean, Amber and Black Box Team!  Sweet! Love the Limited Piece of Art and Swag! Can't wait to see how you Step-up the Game next Month!



Love it! Love the painting and the one of a kind shirt that u can't get anywhere else! Great job team!



I’m not touching my items. They are in the safe still in the box :)



I did the opening of the box video on the airplane wing that you guys saw.  I must say the packaging was AWESOME!  Very impressive!!  I love the concept, I love the idea, and the golden ticket was confusing as I thought I actually got it, but other than that I love the box and experience.



I’m a big fan! Part of the den and huge supporter. I love the value of these boxes and the LNS brand as a whole. I am so excited to be part of this from Box 1



GREAT INVESTMENT. This first box was outstanding. Can't wait for the next!



I push to be better every day; with family, with my wife, with work, with finances, with Sean’s 4 core values. LNS brings the heat every day and shows me that I am nothing right now. A nobody! I can be someone, I’ve gotta bust my *** and never give a **** what others say. So I do just that.  I wear my LNS gear with pride. For the first two black boxes I’ve had so much fun making reels to reveal them. I stand tall against negativity, and it ALWAYS pays off. Fist bumps, handshakes, salutes for being a Lion around all these sheep.Until I finally leap and do big things, I will be that nobody. But I have found this tribe that I am learning from. That I can model my success after.



The LNS brand and Sean and his family have impacted me in ways of learning how to not make excuses for failuresBut to move forward and have success in the next venture. I am a entrepreneur and also a photographer. I have lost and made money but have not forgotten what is important and it's the steps and bumps it took. I support the brand and love the monthly black box. I love to represent daily and doesn't matter if it's a family function or Vacation or work I will at least wear the hat!!!